The Lesson

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Why put up with less than your best effort?

"The Lesson" by The Monk is more or less accepted as the Bible of Billiards Training. An indispensable, must read for anyone wanting to experience Dead Stroke playing.

Master these lessons and you become the Master.


Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:
  • 260 pages of Advanced Billiards Training
  • Learn at your own speed from the best instructor
  • A thorough presentation on The Monk's 2-7-2 shots
  • Take your time learning it, this is the foundation on which champions are built
  • The Monk's presentation on developing proper speed is here
  • You need to develop your speed to win more games
  • Over 200 illustrations make The Monk's instruction clear
  • You can shoot these drills over and over until you know them
  • The Monk's famous 13-Ball Exercise
  • Groove your stroke by making this exercise a part of your routine
  • The Monk Billiard Academy Score Sheet
  • Define your game by tracking your progress
  • The Punch Stroke, a 9-page how to
  • To master the game you must master it's most popular stroke
  • 10 pages on four draw strokes
  • Master these four strokes and gain cue ball command
  • Got shooting over a ball jitters?
  • Learn the two Monk secrets that make it a snap Mid-term Exam, page 211
  • Measure your progress and take action

Take one lesson at a time and enjoy the wonderful experience of knowing you are on the right trail.
You will arrive at the game you always desired when you master each of The Lessons.
Perhaps you too can visit one of The Monk's regional workshops for "hands on" training.
Until then, the material is available to you in this step by step billiards mastery blueprint.

Order The Lesson today
Take the guess work out of your performance.
Be free to know you are doing the right thing on the table.


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