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"It will be easy to recognize any pool player, anywhere, who has read this book because they'll be winning matches and tournaments with ease. I predict that within a year the top ten players in any pool league will own a copy of "Point The Way" by The Monk. I already do." Grady Mathews

Grady is probably right. There are now over 100,000 copies of this book that have been sold since it was written by The Monk.

Point The Way meets every pool player at every level:

  • Learn how to let the shot shoot itself
  • Master the four points of concentration necessary to win
  • Understand the three benefits of team play
  • Discover which of the four kinds of pool player you are and harness it
  • Learn to play zone position
  • Learn the fundamentals of pocket billiards

Point The Way also emphasizes the importance of a sound set of basics on a strong foundation.
It presents you with a variety of shot layouts and drills and provides a real understanding of pool's inner game.

Point The Way also includes a hefty "Practice and Training" section in which The Monk shows the
"Shots That Win Games", master these shots and you'll make the top ten.

The shots depicted here will help you overcome issues with speed and position play

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