The 8 Ball Book

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8Ball is Known As The Thinking Man's Game, What Are You Thinking When You Play It?

The Monk's seven pages on strategy followed by another five on the inner game alone are worth the price of this book.

It will improve your 8-ball game.

The 8-Ball Book Will:

  • Help you master 8-Ball
  • Teach you shots you need to know for competition and tournament matches
  • Will show you practice sessions for your development
  • Teach you position play
  • How to set up and successfully complete a runout
  • School you in 8-ball tactics and mental conditioning to become a champion
  • Take you through the Four Strokes of Pool in depth
  • Help you master new shots
  • teach you how to practice
  • show you how to learn perfect position
  • Help you understand deflection
  • Show you how to run-out Master Concentration
  • Teach you 8-Ball survival
  • To master the game you must master it's most popular stroke
  • Put some more bricks in your wall

keep it as your bible to a winning performance.
Studying this book will improve your game dramatically, your winning average will rise during the coming year.
Share this with a friend and help your fellow player learn to love the game of pool.
This book will teach you position play as well as how to set up and successfully complete a runout.
It will teach you 8-ball strategy and subconscious conditioning.

Order The 8-Ball Book today
Take the guess work out of your performance.
Be free to know you are doing the right thing on the table.


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