I Came To Win

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This games top inner game teacher has spent two years developing this groundbreaking material. The Monk brings you his new book, Focus on Winning. There is no other book like this anywhere in the world of pocket billiards. Here is your chance break through and reach the top!

You will play this game like you never dreamed you could. You will reach the level you truly desire. All you need to do is stop doing what is holding you back.


"I Came To Win"

This will be the attitude that will serve you for the rest of your competitive life.
Those who come to win walk away with the prize.
The ones with the right attitude, an attitude towards winning, reach the final four. It is this skill, attitude skill, that helps them take the first place trophy.
If you want to perform up to your standards, "I Came To Win" is the book for you.

"I personally give you my full guarantee that your game will improve and you will be happy with "I Came To Win"



When I produced The Lesson I thought I was offering the complete training program.
Then I noticed my students who knew the shots and strokes were unable to deliver the winning shots.
They did not possess the inner game skills that turns one into a winner.
So I wrote this book I Came to Win, This book will change the way you look at the key ball.
It will help you when the game is on the line.

I Came to Win is an attitude that serves you when you are under pressure.

Order I Came To Win today
Take the guess work out of your performance.
Be free to know you are doing the right thing on the table.


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