Levi Reed

Levi Reed has completed his studies at MMU and needs only the Secrets Revealed Tour experience to gain his Monk Master Teaching Degree. He must create and deliver a lecture at the SRT in his protected territory.


Levi attended the Monk Masters Teaching Seminar at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He also is a member of the Gold Level and follows the Masters of Art in Pocket Billiard program. He also attended the Monk's Maine Event in Orlando Florida and in Detroit Michigan and has been working in The Monk programs for two years.


Mr Reed will specialize in working with beginners and offers several classes on Stroke development and Stroke Mechanics. He is qualified to teach the eleven classes offered by all Monk Masters.


Levi is working on his Thesis on pool which will be published by Samsara publishing company a division of The Monk Billiard Academy. This will be available as an e-book.


Levi took the final exam in the bronze level and passed with an A for his work.


He has met all the qualification to become a Monk Special Distributor and offers a complete line of Monk Products.


Levi is qualified to teach The Monk 101 program and offers eleven classes.

Feel free to contact this gifted teacher via email.