Jeremey Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs offers the entire Monk 101 package in the Las Vegas area. If you would like to spend a day with this fine Monk Master call him at 702-493-3593.

He will help you in art of aiming. He will help you in how to organize your training. Jeremy Jacobs attended the six day Monk Master Training program at the Monk Billiard Academy training facility in San Diego. He worked with The Monk and Monk Master Danny Propp. Upon graduation Mr. Jacobs returned to Las Vegas where he has The Monk Billiard Academy Las Vegas.

Jeremy is available to travel to your home to work with you one on one.

He teaches:

  • Stroke Mechanics
  • The Four Strokes of Pool
  • Cue Ball Speed

Jeremy Jacobs is also training in The Masters of Art in Pocket Billiards program under the guidance from The Monk.

Jeremy is qualified to teach The Monk 101 program and offers eleven classes.

Feel free to contact this gifted teacher via phone.