Thomas Lind

The Monk welcomes Thomas Lind into the family of Monk Masters.

Thomas lives in Midland Michigan. If you are in the area and want to go through The Monk 101 program Thomas is the guy to see. He has a spectacular pool room in his home and is willing to help all players master this great game, you will find Mr Lind to be gentle and kind as he walks you through the material so your game reaches a higher level.

Thomas is also a League Operator in Pool Teams of America and is looking for a few more captains to complete his segment in Midland. If you would like to be a captain send an email and we will set you up with a special captains package. For lesson rates, please email Tom. He holds a Masters degree in teaching and can teach all aspects of The Monk 101

Thomas is qualified to teach The Monk 101 program and offers eleven classes.

Feel free to contact this gifted teacher via email.